Proposal Preparation and Selection Process

Step 1: Consider these four general areas

We want people who attend any Training Day event to leave feeling like they're able to use PatronManager in new or better ways to help their business and achieve their goals. You probably have an experience to share that loosely fits one of these four models:

  • Case studies about achieving business goals

  • Examples of solving operational problems

  • Demonstrations of success with specific features

  • Stories about learning new PatronManager skills

(If you have an awesome idea that doesn't quite fit one of those models, tell us anyway!)

Step 2: Who Should Propose a Session?

YOU should! Training Day attendees will have a wide range of PatronManager experience, from beginner to advanced -- you all have something to share. You also don't have to present on your own -- buddy up with someone if you wish. If you can talk for 15 minutes about your topic, you'll be great.

Step 3: Submit Your Proposal

Think about:

  • What do you want everyone to learn?

  • How can people adapt your situation to their own organization?

  • If you're presenting a case study, what was your outcome and what did you learn?

Idea Starters:

I can offer a case study about how we achieved our business goals as a result of using PatronManager! (If so, what are they? This might be something like "we sold 50% more subscriptions this year" or "we increased our fundraising benchmarks by 40%")

I can give an example about how we solved an operational problem using PatronManager! (If so, what was it? This might be something like "we stopped keeping 7 different lists!" or "we can offer online volunteer registration now and couldn't before")

I can demonstrate how we found a feature of PatronManager particularly useful! (If so, which feature, and in what way it was helpful? This might be something like "we use workflow to notify us when members are having a birthday" or "we use the Salesforce Mobile app to look up donor information when we're on the go").

I can tell a story about how I learned to improve my use of PatronManager, or about how I became a certified PatronManager Admin!  (If so, how did you approach it? This might be something like, "I set aside 2 hours a week to watch webinars and do Trailhead lessons, and I created a study group with my colleagues!")

Submission Details:

Please submit your proposal by the date listed below for each city. If you have questions before you're finished, just ask us (write to!

Session Proposals due:

  • San Francisco, CA Friday - July 12

  • Los Angeles, CA Friday - July 12

  • New York/New Jersey - July 25

  • Colorado Springs, CO Friday - September 6

  • ´╗┐Twin Cities, MN Friday - September 6

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